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Live Your Life Uninterrupted with Concierge
Physical Therapy

Back into Balance is a premier physical therapy practice in New York City dedicated to creating balance in your body with personalized care so you are pain-free, feel energized, and participate in the activities that matter.

We specialize in treating patients with complex cases and multifaceted symptoms who have not had successful outcomes or seen improvement from prior physical therapy or other interventions.

House Visits

Back into Balance can come to you! Since its inception, patients have benefited from our in-home services throughout New York City and the Hamptons. Additionally, we continue to offer treatment sessions virtually.

Physical Therapy

Unique individual 60-minute sessions in a private room for orthopedic and neurological conditions, including pre/post-surgical rehab and balance disorders. We take physical therapy to a new level and teach you how to take care of your body as you age!

Dynamic Balance Training

We go beyond typical balance training of standing on one leg. Evidence-based research suggests that balance training should be dynamic. We use dual-task training that integrates cognitive tasks to build neuroplasticity in the brain.

Mind Body Fitness

We teach exercises differently, emphasizing isolated movements with the intention of rewiring your body and balancing your central nervous system. Relax and recharge your body with craniosacral therapy, meditation, reflexology, and massage.

Learn why physicians trust our personalized solutions
and therefore send us their most challenging cases.

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Experience the Difference with One-on-One Care:

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